Child of Lebanon's mission is to assist selected child caring NGOs across Lebanon in their effort for the relief of poverty, distress and suffering and the protection of the good health and the advancement of education of children in need. The selection of the assisted NGOs starts by identifying those that are well-run and with no political or ideological affiliation or pronounced religious bias. We build, through regular visits, follow-ups, queries and reviews, a close relationship with the persons responsible in order to develop a level of comfort, trust and transparency. The allocation of the donation to an institution is either dedicated to fund a specific project or donated in cash. Over the last 6 years, 95% of the donation amount funded more than 155 projects.

Child of Lebanon is a benevolent team effort and your contribution is donated in its entirety without deduction of any expenses. All such expenses are absorbed by the team members.

Child of Lebanon is a Charitable Trust registered in the UK which allows donations to be tax deductible for UK tax based individuals and institutions. CAFAmerica, a US charity screening agency, has also allowed donations to CoL to be tax deductible in the US. Child of Lebanon's financials are audited by Deloitte. We are committed to keeping the donor informed on the progress of the effort in a timely, detailed and transparent fashion. A progress report is issued in December, March and July and the annual report in November.

Child of Lebanon has opened an account at HSBC in London and SGBL in Beirut if you wish to support this effort and make an online donation using services 

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